Why Outsource Your Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Professional laundry service providers come in handy in this respect. Not only do they provide the normal wet laundry service, they also undertake dry cleaning for dedicate garments like silk; as well as bulky items like curtains and blinds, upholstery, cushion covers and carpets. All items are handled with great care. The workers will also take charge of dismantling the curtain / sofa pieces for washing; and then installing them back after they are cleaned.
Singapore Laundry Dry Cleaning
The garments received are first inspected for any stain spots and treated before they are sent for dry cleaning. The dry clean process involves immersing the garments in a cleaning chemical. The machine then does the job of tumbling the garments while the cleaning agent picks up the dirt particles from the soiled clothing. This is followed by the drying step. All cleaned garments are either steamed and pressed or ironed before they are folded neatly or packaged in clean plastic sheets.

Many households lack the expertise to handle certain types of materials, for example silk or leather ones that require special treatment. Very often, they will find that their precious garments are inadvertently damaged due to decolourization or shrinkage caused by mishandling. Some stubborn stains like those caused by oil or grease cannot be effectively removed using ordinary soap detergents. Households may also not have the right cleaning agent or washing equipment to perform the job properly. Dry cleaning overcomes these issues by minimizing undesirable fabric distortion, fading or bleeding and protecting the lifespan of the garments.

Nowadays, cleaning service comes with free collection and delivery right to the customers’ doorstep. This saves the customers time in travelling and the need to lug their garments around. The cleaned items will be available either on the same day (express service) or around three working days (normal service). All the customer needs to do is to dial the service number or put in his/her request online; and he/she can sit back and relax. To top it off, customers are able to select the frequency of service, such as one-time, daily or weekly, according to their needs.

This value-add service provides a complete and convenient cleaning solution to households. As laundry service becomes more prolific and rising in demand, companies are always constantly improving their services and technologies in order to meet or exceed their customers’ expectation. The end users stand to gain from such competitions.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Laundry has been a very common household activity for many years. There are 2 types of cleaning method; Dry & wet cleaning. Do you ever wonder why dry cleaning is called dry cleaning? Many people have a misconception that dry cleaning is cleaning without water. The process is not really “dry” at all as cleaning involved are wetted with solvents instead of water. Dry cleaning is recommended for delicate fabrics and clothes which cannot undergo water treatment. The process of dry cleaning is pretty straightforward and is also quite environmentally friendly.

Dry cleaning is compulsory for fabrics that are delicate as fabrics simply do not react well to water & soap. This will help to remove stains and soils from fabric but not all stains are removable, with good skills of dry cleaning method, most can be removed. As fabrics that are delicate and may not be cleaned effectively in daily cleaning, dry cleaning will come in and assist you. Hand cleaning is substantially more economical way than dry cleaning but it may not be nearly as effective as dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning can help to return garments back to “like new” condition and preventing decolourisation, fabric distortion and shrinkage . It is essential for us to read care labels and follow the instruction when we are deciding to wash our garments. Before sending our garments to undergo dry cleaning, always classified and inspect first as the duration of cleaning cycle will depends on the type of garments and degree of soiling. Dry cleaning can extend the life of your wardrobe and your knowledge about dry-cleaning can bring you more value for your clothing dollar. Frequent dry cleaning will not damage your garments; instead it will extend the lifespan of your garment.

Having heavily stained garments? Send it to Singapore Laundry, we will use stain removal process prior to cleaning to aid in stain removal and better soil. The dirt will flow into filter separated from the solvent through a distilling process.

As a professional laundry company, we understand that exceptional garments require exceptional care. We have fabricated knowledge to protect your investment. Our team of professional are trained in receiving fabricate education. When we receive your garments, we will classified and inspect immediately on the spot and recommend the best method of cleaning. We take extra precaution and responsibility to our clients, as a measure of our success and commitment in fabricate.

We provide free delivery & pick up of your garments and our team of cleaners will take care of the rest. With us around, we provide you convenience and quality with dry cleaning. Now you can sit back and relax as you do not have to waste time ironing and doing laundry anymore!