6 Reasons Why More Singaporeans Are Hiring Part Time Maid Service

As of today, only 2.20 percent of adult Singaporeans are unemployed and the rest of them are busy making money for their dear and near ones. With this high rate of employment in the country, the question about home-making becomes a serious one and needs to be answered. That is why in this post, we will try to answer to all-too important question – why more Singaporeans are hiring part-time Maid Service

Part Time Maid

Good Vibes All Day
We all, once in a lifetime, have experienced the peace that a well-organized home brings. But with a day-long job which demands five days out of a week, it is proving to be hard for many people to maintain an organize homes. To counter this unpleasant situation, more and more homeowners are getting receptive to the idea of hiring a part-time maid.

A maid will clean up your house well and so as to make the most of it, make sure that the house has a refreshing fragrance that vibrates good vibes when you return home after a tough day at work. So basically, the first obvious reason as to why many homeowners in Singapore are hiring a paid part-time maid is to ensure that they return to a bed that’s made well and an apartment that is clean.

No Commitments
Basically, this implies not signing a working contract which assures employment for a fixed period of time. The culture of hiring part-time maids has rendered liquidity to employers. This has been possible as employers now have a chance to dismiss a maid based on their budget or dissatisfaction from the maid’s work.

Most Singaporeans prefer part-time Maid Service as it is easy for them to keep track of and pay for hourly work done per day than keeping a track of and paying for a month’s worth of chores. Also, finding a new part-time maid is easy as compared to hiring a full-time maid with a whole lot of commitments to make.

Fewer Worries
With a majority of part-time maids being availed by agencies, there is an all-embracing sigh of relief for employers. This is due to the reason of assured paperwork security. In other words, most people are hesitant about employing a maid who will work very closely with their precious belongings.

But this is not the case with agencies who provide part-time maids. This assurance comes after they do a thorough background check of their part-time maids before enlisting them on the agency’s panel. That’s why hiring a part-time maid is much more secure.

All-around Service
Most maids provided by these agencies can do almost all manner of household chores for you. Some of the household chores that they have mastered include cleaning, washing clothes, washing the dishes, shopping for groceries, ironing, watering the plants, gardening, cooking, etc. Some part-time maids will even babysit the client’s children along with doing the household chores.

The reason that most Singaporeans get a whole package of service at an affordable price is inspiring more and more Singaporeans to hire a part-time maid. The icing on the cake is, some of them don’t even charge for performing some extra easy-to-do household chores.

Part Time Maid

A New Friend
Most agency empaneled maids are soft-spoken and kind-hearted. They possess a tendency to familiarize and befriend their client and the client’s family members. Such maids can take care of an elderly member, walk a dog, or even play with children.

This friendly demeanor and caring nature exhibited by part-time maids help them mingle well in the family environment they are working for. The balance brought by a part time maid in the family at a low cost is one of the factors that prompts Singaporeans to choose part-time maids.

Better Results
Quality of work is inversely proportional to the workload experienced. Part-time maids get hired for an hourly basis and the workload they experience is confined. On the other hand, full-time maids work on a full month’s duration on fixed wages.

They need to be continuously accessible for more than an hour or two. This increased workload eventually results in decreased interest in work which is often followed by not-so-polite demeanor towards their clients. As most Singaporeans are result oriented, the better the results of part time maids the more they are spurred to hire one of them.


All the above points are evidence that part-time maids have better potency and social functioning than full-time contracted maids. With a result-oriented approach to each and every task, people of Singapore has made a wise and sound decision to choose part time maids.